Medfield High School PTO
PTO & ANGP On-Line Volunteer Form 2018 - 2019
Get Involved! It's a great way to stay connected with the high school.  
Many PTO and ANGP opportunities to volunteer, big and small, are available for everyone.
A committee chair will contact you near the time of the event.  Thank you!
PTO Board, Committee Chair, and Helper Positions 
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Concession Stand Helpers Sell snacks and beverages during select Varsity games - fall football, winter basketball, and spring lacrosse. Please indicate your choices by writing-in fall, winter and/or spring in the box.
Hospitality Helpers 

-Provide food, beverage, etc. for teacher luncheons and the Principal's Coffees.  
-Please select a date and enter the date into the box below.
December 2018- Lunch coordinated by Junior Parents.
April 2019- Lunch coordinated by Sophomore Parents.
May  2019- Lunch coordinated by Freshman Parents.
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1st Student's Full Name                Grade(Sept)    2nd Student's Full Name                 Grade(Sept)     3rd Student's Full Name                  Grade(Sept)
All Night Graduation Party - Keeping your kids safe and substance free
Meet weekly starting in March
Organize the decorating of a specific area of the school
Run fundraising events: Senior invites (Sept), town mailer (March), Roche Bros (April/May)
Help during the All Night Grad Party       
non-senior parents only
2 - 4 hour shifts
organize and handout gifts to seniors
organize entertainment
senior parents included too, afternoon and evening, 
ANGP Senior Fashion Show held in March to raise funds for the ANGP
- Organize Ushers - job for junior parents
- this job is for sophomore, junior and senior parents
- volunteers will be called as needed for various functions and activities throughout the year
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ANGP - Organization and preparation
Teacher Luncheon Coordinator - 
Two parents work with the Hospitality Chairpersons, Kim Joline and Maureen Sherman, to organize one of the three teacher luncheons.
Needed to cover the event
Fundraising Chair
Decor Hall Capts
Decorating Workshops
Gifts & Prizes
Set up
Usher Coord